Product Info

Q: How to Choose the Right Shoe Size?
Our store offers shoes from various manufacturers, and most of them are True to Size. However, due to differences in lasts, some styles may run slightly larger or smaller. If you are particular about the fit of your shoes, my advice is to contact our customer service for precise measurements.

Q: What materials are used in your shoes?

Most of our products are made from top-grain leather, which offers a softer and more durable feel while providing better breathability.

Q: How do I clean and maintain my sneakers?
We recommend using professional cleaning agents and a damp cloth for cleaning, and please avoid direct water exposure. Leather care only requires regular leather conditioner for maintenance.

Order Process

Q: Can I modify my order after placing it?
You cannot directly modify your order on the website. If you need to make changes to your order, please contact our WhatsApp or IG customer service.

Q: How can I check the status of my order?

You can check the status of your order on the ORDER TRACKING page or in your personal account. You can also contact our WhatsApp or IG customer service to inquire about your order status at any time.

Payment Options

Q: What payment methods can I use?
We currently support PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard for payments. You can make payments with the latter two on our website. For PayPal, we currently only support billing.

Q: Is it safe to make payments on your website?

We insist on using secure payment methods to ensure the rights of every customer are protected. We strongly condemn fraud and have implemented anti-fraud checks in our payment methods.

Shipping and Delivery

Q: What shipping options do you offer?
We currently offer multiple shipping options depending on your country and region. Specific shipping options can be found in our shipping policy.

Q: When can I expect my order to arrive?

In general, most orders will arrive within 7-20 days after shipping begins. The exact timing depends on the courier service you choose and your country/region.

Return and Exchange

Q: If I'm not satisfied with my purchase, how can I return it?
We currently do not support returns or exchanges for issues other than serious quality problems. We will verify your order information before shipping, and you can cancel or change your order before confirmation. Once you confirm, returns or exchanges will only be accepted for direct damage and serious quality problems.

Customer Service

Q: How can I contact customer service if I have questions?
Click on the social media buttons in the lower right corner of the website to contact the corresponding social media customer service.

Privacy and Security

Q: How do you protect my personal information?
We protect your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy. We collect limited information for the purpose of order delivery. We regularly delete all information and continuously enhance the security of our website to prevent information leaks.

Social Media and Subscriptions

Q: How can I follow your social media accounts?
Click on the Instagram link in the lower right corner of the webpage to follow our Instagram account.

Q: What are the benefits of subscribing?

Subscribing allows you to receive first-hand information on new product pre-sales, promotions, and other community content, including but not limited to design voting, high-quality reviews, and production process sharing.