Why We Founded DeveloperBoring

DeveloperBoring was born from a simple yet profound discovery: in online communities, the passion for vintage and fantasy sneakers is far greater than we ever imagined. These sneakers, with their vast fanbase, have been gradually forgotten by brands and factories due to market uncertainties and the complexity of their production processes. As enthusiasts of these unique sneakers, we felt this was a situation in need of change. Hence, DeveloperBoring came into existence.

Since December 2023, over the course of 15 months, we have successfully completed 8 projects, each a tribute to the culture of vintage and fantasy sneakers. Our journey has only just begun. In the future, DeveloperBoring will continue to dedicate ourselves to this direction, awakening more people's love for these distinctive shoes.

Our Brand's Journey

The Evolution of DeveloperBoring
July 2022

We stumbled upon a pair of shoes called DUNK AE86 that immediately captured our hearts. These shoes are extraordinary, originating from a designer's creative imagination, and are a pair of sneakers that existed only in fantasy. Their unique design inspiration seems to come from a perfect blend of classic car culture and street art.

Our obsession with the DUNK AE86 quickly turned into an impulse to act. Determined not to let them remain just a fantasy, we initiated a crowdfunding project aimed at turning this dream design into reality.

August 2022

We quickly found a factory willing to collaborate with us, promising to complete the DUNK AE86 shoes within a month. Unfortunately, we chose the wrong partner. Their work not only failed to meet our expectations but severely hindered the progress of the entire project. Faced with this setback, we did not give up. We decided to collaborate with a larger factory to ensure the quality and progress of the project. Eventually, we completed the DUNK AE86 project, and it has been on sale to this day.

During this process, we also created our own brand — DeveloperBoring. This brand represents not only our pursuit of high-quality footwear but also symbolizes our spirit of continuous advancement and bravery in innovation, even in the face of adversity.
September 2022

After a month of sales, we realized that the current quantity of products and sales volume were not sufficient to support our larger goals. Development and production of shoes, as well as human resources, each require financial investment. To address this issue, we decided to introduce some replicas on our website. The sale of these replicas is intended to provide us with the necessary financial support. Although this is a temporary measure, it will help ensure the stability of our team and the continuous development of our projects.
October 2022

While completing the construction of our website.
We also launched our second product — CACTUS JACK 1988 BMW.
November 2022

We proudly launched our first independently designed and produced product — DUNK RX-7. However, the reality did not meet our expectations. Regrettably, the sales of this shoe were not as good as hoped. It was through this experience that we gradually realized that, despite our passion and creativity, we currently lack the necessary skills and experience in design.
December 2022

We made what was a very popular project at the time, the AJ4 Snorlax, but we weren’t very happy with the final product. But it also allowed us to accumulate some experience
April 2023

We completed the first pair of Remake products - Mcfly, which received great praise after its launch. The experience gained from all of our setbacks last year has greatly improved the finish and quality of this pair of shoes.
July 2023

We have completed the second pair of Remake products — Skeletor.
October 2023

We have completed our third pair of Remake products — 85s Chicago
This is the culmination of all our frustrations and experiences throughout the year. It has a very high degree of completion and has been recognized by many people. But the quality still needs some optimization.
November 2023

We have completed the fourth pair of Remake products — Tokyo