[Development Diary] DUNK Skeletor

Dec 3, 2023 Reddit: u/Developerboring

About 3 months ago, I saw this Dunk Skeletor.

It got a lot of attention, we noticed the shoe and bought a retail pair to try and sample, but it was put on hold.


And a month later, someone posted this post again, and got a good response.

We happened to have a pair of retail in our hands, so we quickly made a pair of samples according to the retail.

Part of the material of the sample is wrong, but we think it only needs to be replaced during mass production.

So we decided to open the pre-order.


June 21

We published a pre-sale post and got a good response.

We also informed the factory that we hope to deliver as soon as possible, so as not to make customers wait too long.


June 26

We got a newer sample, EU43, and we think there are no problems after comparing with the retail in hand.

Issues to consider now are:

The entire pair of retail shoes have some white spots, whether it is due to the fading of the suede due to the age.


June 28

We thought it should be a bit darker, as the white spots are difficult to make directly, and we prefer it to be faded due to age.

And we've gotten even more convinced of our ideas in some tests. (We have found through some durability tests that our suede will also achieve the effect of retail after some wearing)


June 30

Factory starts production


July 8

Arrival of factory ordered material


July 12

The factory has completed the stamping of the material, and I have also posted a post to update the progress


July 16

The factory has finished sewing the material, only the final fitting step is missing


July 19

We got some goods and started QC


July 19

We got feedback from customers, and some customers reported that the logo on the heel is too small.

I published a post to inform customers that it is normal to follow the logo.

The comparison size of retail and rep in the post is: EU43


July 20

I found out after going back to the warehouse and doing some comparisons that there might indeed be undersize.

So I contacted my friends hoping to get some retail for comparison, and I also posted a post in the community hoping to get pictures of retail.

July 21

We delayed the QC time for the large size, hoping to confirm within 48 hours whether our logo is too small, if so, it is a few millimeters smaller.


July 23

We did not get the retail of Skeletor's EU45,46. Finally, the retail Mcfly EU46 was chosen for comparison.

Finally, we found that the gap between our Skeletor and retail is 1.35mm (this number is not fixed, each pair of shoes will be different, but it fluctuates between 1.3-1.4)

And we summarized some improvements and shortcomings of this batch and published a post to inform them.

And thanks to those who can live with these little flaws.


July 25

We officially released DUNK Skeletor

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