[Development Diary] Dunk Mcfly

Dec 3, 2023 Reddit: u/Developerboring

4 months ago, someone made this post in our community.

And it's been well received, which brought this shoe to our attention very quickly.

After we finished the AJ4 Snorlax, it became our next target.



We posted a sign up about Marty Mcfly.

And announced that they will be produced after the number of Sign up reaches 100.

And we also announced some details that we will adjust.



I posted about the Snorlax t-shirt and posted 28 signups.

This speed is very fast, in just 2 days, 28 people participated



A customer inquired about the number of sign up for Mcfly, and we informed him that the number of sign up has reached 69

Because we have been busy with the publicity and promotion of Snorlax during this period of time, we did not focus too much on Mcfly so that the number of people who signed up for it was not large.



I expressed my regret that Mcfly had already reached 70 people, but the time limit has been reached, and extended the time limit of Sign up, hoping that it can be produced.



 After Mcfly's Sign up reached 100 people, we released information about the start of Mcfly's production. And started Pre-order.

And I plan to finish them in one month.



In March, after I was ready to release the Mcfly, I found some problems with the goods submitted to me by the factory. These problems exist in the outsole and some padding parts of the upper.

So I decided to start over and delay the delivery.



We received a notification from the factory that all Mcfly deliveries will be done within a week.

Although it was a bit slow, we finally got it.



We have completed the QC of all pre-order customers one after another, and a small part of them were delayed to April 9th and April 10th due to the problem of slow transportation.



Mcfly is officially on sale.

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