[Development Diary] DUNK RX-7

Dec 3, 2023 Reddit: u/Developerboring


When I asked for opinions on some new sneakers, there were many people who wanted me to design more styles of the initial D. So I went back and re-read the initial D, and I thought the RX-7 would be a really good idea. So my team and I decided to try our own design for the first time and make it.



The following contents were obtained after consulting the relevant information.RX-7

Stickers for RX-7


Published project plans for DUNK RX-7

The development diary of DUNK RX-7 has been published and will be continuously updated



After a simple vote comparison, I decided to invest in the DUNK-RX-7 project and try to complete it in September.

This time I will focus on the project, and without any other sellers, I will take care of the quality control myself.


I have submitted the pictures and related materials to 3 factories for sample production. In the end, the production factory will be selected through the comparison of samples.


I'm very sorry to be too busy with CACTUS JACK 1988 BMW to update DUNK RX-7 in time.

Currently I have received test samples of the DUNK RX-7 I will post pictures tomorrow.


Just got the test today.

The factory used a piece of leather that had been left for a long time and oxidized to make samples because there was no new white leather, so the white part was very yellow.

I used a pocket knife and a few other things to test the stitches. So there is some damage to the suture.

There are no other difficulties at the moment, only the tongue needs to be redesigned.


Throughout October, we have been looking for factories that are willing to help us produce small batches, because some people have participated in SIGH UP, but because they have not reached a certain number, they are very reluctant to help us produce.

It was not until the end of October that we found the corresponding factory to help us produce.

I'm sorry I have no fine records in this part


Because I have been busy with the problem of samples, let the factory help us complete the quality and details we need.



I don't remember the samples, and the embroidery that has been adjusted many times has passed the test. We can make the next production.

PS: We also solved the intensity of the lining before that, and constantly replaced the materials used in the lining.



After many tests, we finally gave up the printing of the soles. Because the middle part of the print is difficult to print. The only way is to print through the steel plate. The production cost of the steel plate is not high, but the ink prepared with a special proportion can be used to make it perfectly fit.

We finally found the ink, but the price of the ink was too high, which made us unable to control the cost.

In the end, we chose to give up.



We officially start mass production Dunk RX-7

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